Building Sites Taking Shape

Building Sites Taking Shape is about the transformation of well known Maitland public buildings which are perceived in a very specific way having only utilitarian purposes. The buildings are most likely to be the last place where art may be expected to be created or placed on show to be viewed.

Artists Fiona Davies, Michelle Maartinesz, Christine McMillian and Mini Graff
Medium Enamel on 1mm steel, 16mm key rings, 3mm steel rod. Frame 32mm hollow steel, coated with enamel.
Size steel cards 50 x 80mm, structure approximately 620 x 1600mm
Location Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Australia

Site Specific Installation
Maitland Regional Art Gallery

The artists and sites include, Mini Graff at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Fiona Davies (Textiles and Mixed Media) Maitland Hospital, Michelle Maartinesz (Digital Media) Reading Cinema and Christine McMillian (Found Objects/Mixed Media) Maitland Town Hall. Their artworks will challenge any preconceived views of what is art.
The works of art were in situ for four weeks but the creation will be part of the experience in which the public was able to partake in watching the transformation take shape.

Special thanks to Christine McMillian.

© 2006 Mini Graff