“’Social Change’ is about shedding light and raising awareness on the positive impacts of a particular form of activism and how that activism has created social change,” says Tim Gray, explaining the format of his radio show….. more here

#changethedate is a collaboration with Sydney musician Tim Gray (Gumbaynggir) and Mini Graff (Aotearoa).

“Tim and I first met when he invited me to chat with him about street art, posters, graffiti and council policy on his awesome radio show Social Change on Koori Radio. That was a year ago.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve made a poster that responds to the growing discomfort some Australians have regarding it’s annual national ‘Australia Day’ celebration. I’m from New Zealand – where we celebrate the signing of The Treaty on a day we Kiwi’s call Waitangi Day. Australia does not have a treaty with it’s first nations people.

This year, the poster came from a conversation with Tim about his thoughts on the day, the date and a suggestion of a date change.” – Mini Graff, January 2017

The date proposed by Tim is 27 May. This date, in 1967, marks the removal of the words ‘… other than the aboriginal people in any State…‘ in the constitution…read more here….and here.

“Tim & I  don’t propose to have the answer to this complex situation – we’re offering a suggestion and  are happy to hear your thoughts and ideas about how Australia can best celebrate a day of unity and cultural history.” – Tim & Mini, January, 2017 

2017 marks the 50th year of the 1967 referendum. The referendum did not give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples the right to vote. This right had been legislated for Commonwealth elections in 1962, with the last State to provide Indigenous enfranchisement being Queensland in 1965.

PLEASE download this poster and paste it up on the streets, your home or office.


Change, 2017, 3 colour screen print on 90gsm litho

©2017 Tim Gray & Mini Graff

Change poster (screen print, 76x102cm) on shipping container in rural NSW

© 2017 Mini Graff