Poster boy

The AFP/Getty photograph of Armstrong displaying a ‘series 7’ placard during a start of the Tour de France in 2005 alludes to his future victories as he went on to win seven uninterrupted titles.

Medium Acrylic screenprint on 90sgm Litho
Edition 80

When the image was juxtaposed with the text ‘poster boy’, a headline taken from an article in the same publication, it took on a new meaning that exemplified the situation.

The newspaper collage, that forms the basis of the print, was created in the weeks leading up to Armstrong’s January 2013 appearance on the US Oprah Winfrey talk show. Armstrong’s admission to Oprah Winfrey that he used performance-enhancing drugs likely meant Armstrong would go down in history as the most brazen drug cheat the sport had ever seen, placing Armstrong in the position of lead character in what one magazine calls the final act of the bizarre, egomaniacal off-off-Broadway play.

Poster Boy (poster edition) Newtown train station, Sydney

© 2013 Mini Graff

Mini Graff : Poster Boy

Poster Boy (fine art edition), acrylic screen print on Arches 88

© 2013 Mini Graff